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Tomb of Dracula on Covered

I did a piece about four weeks ago for the Covered Blog based on an old cover for Tomb of Dracula. For anyone who hasn't been by this awesome blog, Covered featured reinvisionings of old comic book covers by various artists. It's a damn neat little blog, and should definitely be frequented by comic and art lovers alike.

Here's the original cover I based this off of...

Here's the ink and final piece that appears on the blog...

And yes, tatas have been added from the original version...because, why not?

Haunted Halloween Footage...

Coverage of the Haunted Halloween Show opening at proximity gallery. Appearances by my mug, my boyfriend's mug, many of my fellow buddies and PCSer's mugs, and featuring some damn fine artwork. Many thanks to Sam Heimer for putting together an awesome show, and also to David Diperstein for shooting and editing this.

Hallowed Halloween, October 2010 from David Diperstein on Vimeo.

Shrek Inks

A little taste of Shrek inks from book 2...

Published by Ape Entertainment

The Pit

A little step by step of my piece for the PCS/Autumn Society Hallowed Halloween Show...

Final Thumbnail




Show Info:

This October 1st - 31st the Autumn Society of Illustration, the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and Proximity Gallery present:
Opening Reception - October 1st, 2010
October 1st - October 31st
2434 East Dauphin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

SanDiego Comic Con

Hey Cats and Kittens! I will be attending the SanDiego Comic Con this year, and appearing at the Ape Entertainment and Kidzoic booths to promote the new Shrek Comic that I did pencils and inks for. Here's my schedule, if you want to stop by...


12pm to 2pm
Christine Larsen & Arie Kaplan (Shrek #1)

10am to 12pm
Christine Larsen & Kevin Freeman (Shrek #1)

10am to 12am
Christine Larsen & Arie Kaplan(Shrek #1)

12am to 1pm
Christine Larsen & Kevin Freeman (Shrek #1)

3pm to 5pm
Christine Larsen & Kevin Freeman (Shrek #1)


10am to 12pm
Christine Larsen & Kevin Freeman (Shrek #1)

11am to 1pm
Christine Larsen & Arie Kaplan (Shrek #1)

Hope to see you there :)

La Morté Marathon

A day of ink and color...

Comic Page Process: La Morté

From Sketch to pencil to ink to finished color...

CLICK HERE to read the La Morté Sisters on Zuda Comics

Deck Heads

My finished skateboard for the "Deck Heads" show coming up this Friday. Done in Acrylic Paint. Kitten in photo 3 for scale.

El Torro

The following is a step by step for the process of creating my piece for the PCS Domo Arigato: Robot Show.

I do very detailed sketches on graph paper to get a feel for the layout.

The ink of the main image - the girl and mechanical bull - was done seperately from the type in ink wash on arches hot press watercolor paper.

Everything was assembled and colored on the computer. I fudged with the type to make it simpler and fit in the space nicer.

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, you should save the date of May 7th and see this and many other amazing pieces at the PCS Domo Arigato Show, and join us for the PCS Art Crawl!

Philadelphia Cartoonist Society Art Crawl

Myself as well as a number of amazing local and international artists will be participating in and attending these shows. I highly suggest coming out!

The info:

The info in HTML...
Friday May 7th starting @ 6pm:

(a robot show)
@ Brave New Worlds
42 N. 2nd Street
Old City

Deck Heads
(the finest in skateboard art)
@ Exit Skate Shop
825 N. 2nd Street
N. Liberties

Dirtballs in Love
(work by Jeffro)
2434 East Dauphin Street

Also an important note: The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is now found at phillytoon.ORG due to the fact that a home improvement guy bought out our old url...update your links, kids :)


Just received my copies for FCBD from Ape Entertainment's Shrek/Penguins of Madagascar book. Gotta say, I'm pretty psyched.

Pencils and inks by me. Colors by the amazing Tim Durning.

Paracinema Magazine

I was contacted about a month ago by Paracinema Magazine for use of my Alien illustration.

Fortunately, it was something that wasn't lost on the old hard drive (because it was so old, that I actually put it on disk a long while back when I was archiving).

Here's the cover of Paracinema this month and a link to the website where you can get it:

Paracinema Magazine

And I should be getting a copy in the mail soon, according to the publisher. I find it mildly appropriate that this is my first editorial cover ever.

Artist Trading Cards

A few days ago I stopped in Dick Blick and saw that they sold Bristol Board Artist Trading Card packs, so I picked one up. Now they've become a staple morning "warm up" before I start in on work. Now that I'm working on so much long-term stuff, it's nice to do a piece that I can finish in 10-15 minutes.

This is a sampling from the past few days.

Done in ink/marker/colored pencil. 2.5" x 3.5"

Reading with Pictures

I thought I'd share a link to the "Reading With Pictures" Kickstarter site. RwP promotes reading in the classroom through comics. I have a 2 page story (done for charity) in here alongside quite a few high rollers. I suggest preordering, since most of the sales will be done in that way. I don't intend to have a large number of personal copies, and this will help to promote their sales through Diamond.

So, visit Reading with Pictures on Kickstarter

Preview sketch:

Adventure Time!

My piece for this collection being put together by the Autumn Society.


Because I haven't had a chance to do a personal piece this week, I thought I would upload an old sketch to keep the blog alive. It's our favorite sucka killin' alien.

I really love drawing in pencil, and try to do a very detailed pencil-thing whenever I have the chance. This was drawn about a year ago while I was watching a self initiated predator marathon.

Also played around with a color version. Not so amazing, but a fun exercise...

Predator belongs to 20th Century Fox

Queen of Hearts

Continuing my 1 new piece/week. Ink on watercolor paper with washes...

I think I may do another, less "painterly" version of this when I have the time. I feel like this got a little muddy in spots.

And here's that...

I like this version much better. Muddy colors make me sad :(


Because I have a relatively light week freelance-wise, I decided to do a quick personal piece today. Part of my New Year's resolution has been to do one personal piece a week. Better late than never.


(ink and wash with winsor newton No. 2 brush and big sumi brushes on watercolor paper)
Too many layers in photoshop