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El Torro

The following is a step by step for the process of creating my piece for the PCS Domo Arigato: Robot Show.

I do very detailed sketches on graph paper to get a feel for the layout.

The ink of the main image - the girl and mechanical bull - was done seperately from the type in ink wash on arches hot press watercolor paper.

Everything was assembled and colored on the computer. I fudged with the type to make it simpler and fit in the space nicer.

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, you should save the date of May 7th and see this and many other amazing pieces at the PCS Domo Arigato Show, and join us for the PCS Art Crawl!


  1. I really like this. I don't know what part I like more, the joy on her face, or the fact that a your mechanical bull looks so much cooler than the real thing.

  2. I love your work because you do great letters, sexy ladies, awesome themes... and each aspect is as well done as the next.
    I really dig this one :)


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